Welcome to The VVRP

Chandler completely forgot that it was a recording weekend, so, sit back and enjoy two-and-a-half hours of Chandler and Jimmy rambling on about what they’ve been vaping (1 hours worth of handchecks this week, we do like you to get your money’s worth), a quick IVG update, some news that we briefly researched ten minutes before recording and lots of chat about how tired Jimmy is because he’s not had a day off since starting at ECigZoo. It’s a hard life.

Jimmy is also chuffed about the fact that he has now been in exactly half of all the episodes … however, mathematically, as he was actually in episode 17, he’s now done 18 Episodes … so technically that happened in Episode 32 and we missed it. Sorry people, I’m not Carol Vorderman. 🙄

We will NOT be discussing the new iPhone launch. It’s done, it’s expensive, it’s an Apple product, end of.

Chandler & Jimmy